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Come Dancing

Come Dancing was the BBC's longest running series and actually started in 1949! Every year dozens of amateur ballroom dancers would compete against each other whilst wearing some of the most amazing costumes ever to be seen on television.

The men would wear glittery lycra all-in-ones and the women would be dressed in the most over-the-top, glittery, sequined dresses you can imagine.

Recently Bruce Forsyth has brought ballroom dancing back to our TV screens in the UK with "Strictly Come Dancing", a variation of the original show where celebrities with no dance skills are given one week to learn a new ballroom dance. Very entertaining!

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Do You Remember Come Dancing?

Do You Remember Come Dancing?

  • Anonymous user
    The original series bore no resemblance at all to Strictly Come Dancing which is on now. Amateur dancers used to compete and it was worth watching for the costumes, but we never ever spoke to the dancers or found out anything about them. Occasionally they would interview some of the coaches - Frank and Peggy Spencer made several appearances I remember. I used to spend Saturday night at my Gran's in the 60's and we always had to watch this! Very boring for an under-10 to watch, but granny liked it!