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Colonel Abrams

Colonel Abrams was an American singer who had a few hits in the 80's. His first single was "Trapped" which got to No. 3. I had the single and loved annoying my far cooler brothers by playing it. The second single - "The Truth" didn't do so well but the third - "I'm not Gonna Let You" did better and reached 24, but sadly single number four peaked at No. 75 and that was the last we ever heard of The Colonel.

I'd like to think that other people remember him, but sadly it seems I'm the only one!

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Do You Remember Colonel Abrams?

Do You Remember Colonel Abrams?

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    The album was produced by Richard James Burgess (formerly the drummer in Landscape) and let's face it, it wasn't up to much. The ballads are naff and most of the other tracks are poorer versions of 'Trapped'.