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Coconut squares

Coconut Squares were possibly made by Mathlows or Burtons and consisted of a square of coconut about 2 inches x 2 inches and 1 inch thick. The coconut inside was quite dryish, unlike a Bounty with that sticky coconut texture. The wrapper was made of foil with a base colour of purple and a swirl type pattern in multi colours.

Coconut Squares weren't sealed in any way. Instead, the wrapper was folded as if it were a small present and held together with a tiny blob of glue.

If I saw a shop with Coconut Squares in I just couldn't walk past without buying some.They seemed to vanish for some years (early 70s) and I remember a local shop near me having some problems getting them in in very early 80s. I seem to recall I bought all they had and despite going back for frequent visits over the years (literally) they never reappeared.

I've even looked for Coconut Squares on my travels around much of England but to no avail - but it was 30 years ago! I've always been a consumer of sweets and in large quantities. Even into my thirties I'd eat six different bars in one go and then go back for more. Out of all the sweets on this site Coconut Squares beat them all for me. If they're still made, say up north, I'd love to hear from someone.

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Do You Remember Coconut squares?

Do You Remember Coconut squares?