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  • Wimpy
    Well burger me ! ive eaten in loads of these,yet until seeing this site id forgotten all about them,and the curled sausage, yes its all coming back to now. I seem to remember walking out of one(and not paying,think you actually paid after eating back then)once because they wouldnt melt the cheese slice in my cheese burger,well thats how we serve them was all i got, so me and my girlfriend at the time just up and walked out with the waitress repeating but youve still got to pay, happy days.I seem to remember i liked the brown derby as well.
  • Strollers
    Yet another sweet memory, thank you so much, i cant remember there being a nut one, but deff toffee, biscuit and poss rasin.
  • Trio Biscuits
    Not sure but i think they make something simillar that ive had in the last few months,grey matter rotted by too mant sweets prob.
  • Texan Bar
    I loved these and have seen the new advert for them so will search for and buy,that reminds me,best get a dentist appointment.
  • Tip Tops
    Yeah its the ice pops i used to get with the plastic covering,the tip top drink always seemed weak to me.
  • Quirks Chocolate
    Not sure i remember the name but i deff remember the packet described, think it had a pull out tab on one side to access the sweets in a controlled manner,or am i thinking of a box of smarties rather than a tube?
  • Pink Panther Bar
    Id forgotten all about these,i was a bit older (20ish)when they came out i think but still loved the flavour,i still love sweets,no ideah why im not totally wrecked in the health department,spose theres still time,and still i eat the sugary cofection.

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