Coast To Coast (1986)

A made-for-TV movie from 1986. Lenny Henry (from Three Of A Kind) and John Shea. They played two Motown and soul DJs, who ran a Liverpool-based mobile disco with an old Bedford ice-cream van. After their mate Keks McGuiness trusts them with delivering some stolen money printing plates to a contact in Essex, McGuiness is murdered by the heavies who he stole them from (played by George 'Wexford' Baker and Peter 'Harry Grout' Vaughan). Because Henry and Shea were spotted at the dead man's flat just before his demise, they find themselves being pursued by both the heavies and the police.

This was a comedy-drama film and had a real Brit road movie feel to it. At one stage, the heroes trade in their van for a Mk4 Zodiac Estate.

Motown and soul music provides the soundtrack, and Henry and Shea perform a great version of Dobie Gray's 'Drift Away' in an Air Force base towards the end of the film.

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Do You Remember Coast To Coast?