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Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard, OBE was born on the 14th October 1940, his real name is Harry Rodger Webb. A world famous English singer, musician, performer, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has sold over 260 million records worldwide.

His first single "Move It" was released in August 1958 with his backing group "The Drifters" and reached No. 2 in the UK Singles Charts. In 1959, "Living Doll" & "Travelling Light" were released and both reached no. 1 in the UK Charts.

In 1961, he filmed "The Young Ones" and the title track gave him another no.1 which sold over 1 million copies. He went on to make other films including "Summer Holiday", "Wonderful Life" & "Finders Keepers" to name a few.

Sir Cliff has always been the nations favourite & still remains a lifelong batchelor. A true legend in the industry and a credit to all of his fans.

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Do You Remember Cliff Richard?

Do You Remember Cliff Richard?

  • Andrew Dexter
    One of the best singers EVER!! he has managed to go on where others who were one hit wonders or go for a few years and then not heard of again and he has managed to move with the times and not gone stale or become a 1960's left over!