Chutes Away!

Chutes Away! was a circular landscape that revolved (wind up mechanism) and had plastic craters at various locations, the graphics on the board depicting emergencies I think.

In Chutes Away! you operated the rescue plane and looked through a periscope device, basically through a tube that focussed on a 45 degree mirror in the plane so that you were looking down on the landscape as it moved underneath giving the impression that you were in the plane circling overhead.

A yellow control stick pulled the aircraft back and forth across the landscape and a switch allowed you to release yellow, weighted plastic parachutes, the aim being to get them to fall into the craters as they passed by underneath.

Great stuff! Until I took it to school one year at the end of term and some girl over-wound the clockwork mechanism whilst I was out break time.

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Do You Remember Chutes Away!?

Do You Remember Chutes Away!?