Cat's Eye

Cats Eye was a game where you had to fill your cat card with matching coloured marbles, and be the first to place a black marble in your cat's eye.

Cats Eye came with a special bowl unit, 4 cat cards and 52 marbles and could be played by 2 - 4 people. When the bowl unit was assembled someone would shout "GO!" and you would each press your cat's paw buttons on the bowl to release a marble in to your track. The idea was to put any marbles that matched your colour on to your cat card leaving space for the one final black marble in the cat's eye. The gameplay was frantic with lots of cat's paw action and lots of wrongly coloured marbles being thrown back in the bowl.

Finally when someone had got all their marbles in place they would shout "Cats Eye" and would be the winner!

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Do You Remember Cat's Eye?

Do You Remember Cat's Eye?

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    In Cat's Eye, marbles of four different colors were placed in a hopper and each player tried to get their cat board filled with their own color and then finally one of the few black marbles for the eye!