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Carrie's War

This was a kids' wartime drama shown on the BBC at teatime in 1975. It involved a young girl called Carrie and her younger brother, who are sent to Druid's Bottom in Wales as evacuees. They stay with a pious shopkeeper, his sister and a retarded man called Mr Johnny. There is a lot of superstition in the village surrounding a skull. Legend has it that, when the skull is moved something tragic wll happen. The last episode featured Carrie throwing the skull down a well and, as she is leaving the village on the train back to London, she looks back at the village to see the 'house of the skull' in flames and she screams and screams! Why can't the BBC make dramas like this for kids anymore? It was flaming brilliant!

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Do You Remember Carrie's War?

Do You Remember Carrie's War?