Capsela Building Sets

Capsela Building Sets were rather strange and obscure 80's construction sets that centred around perspex spheres containing something mechanical such as a motor, clutch, or gearbox, each known as capsules. Each capsule had 6 octagonal pegs which were used to attach them to other capsules or wheels and propellors. There were also floats and chain drives as well to include in your machine.

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Do You Remember Capsela Building Sets?

Do You Remember Capsela Building Sets?

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    Strange and Obscure?! Capsella was the bomb! Actually I am suprised that isn't literal, since you could make almost anything with it. I made a robot that moved all directions stopped and moved when you told it with a control box, even moved it's arms... a floating propeller boat that went forward and backward in the tub , a portable fan, A toy car that went forward/backward with the control box, a motorized pully, an airplane with moving propellers, and even a working vacuum cleaner. I gained a rudimentary understanding of motors and electricity, and how wires work, for a 6 year old it provided hours and hours of fun. I was always very proud when I came up with a new invention!