Buffalo ‘66

Buffalo '66 is an American crime comedy-drama from 1998 written and directed by Vincent Gallo, starring Gallo, Christina Ricci, Ben Gazzara and Anjelica Huston. 

The plot revolves around Billy Brown and him kidnapping a young tap dancer named Layla who he forces to pretend to be his wife to impress his parents after he is released from prison.

The film was generally well-recieved. Empire (film magazine) listed Buffalo '66 as the 36th-greatest independent film ever made. It was filmed in and around Gallo's hometown of Buffalo, New York, in winter. The film uses British progressive rock music in it's soundtrack, notably King Crimson and Yes.

The title refers to the Buffalo Bills American football team, who had not won a championship since the 1965 American Football League Championship Game (which was actually played on December 28, 1965, four days before 1966 began). The plot involves indirect references to the Bills' narrow loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV, which was decided by a missed field goal. 


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Do You Remember Buffalo ‘66?

Do You Remember Buffalo ‘66?