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Bucky O' Hare

Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars started life as a comic book about the aforementioned individual and his crew who fought toads in an intergalactic space war. In 1989 it became a TV show and in 1991 Hasbro released a series of 10 figures. Bucky returned to his original medium as a member of the Continuity stable of comics around the same time. He's had a Nintendo game based on him, and an arcade game, based on the cartoon which even used some of the voices from the series.

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Do You Remember Bucky O' Hare?

Do You Remember Bucky O' Hare?

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    A fun 90's cartoon about a group of animals and a human boy lead by Bucky O'Hare battling against the evil toads who are bent on taking over the aniverse.