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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Buck Rogers was a story about a man who was woken up 500 years after going to sleep. He was a spaceship captain, and was now in the 25th Century.

It was quite a groovy sci-fi series, complete with "Pyow!" noices for lasers, and much flying around in spaceships. JUST the sort of thing a schoolboy wants to see.

Buck was played by Gil Gerard, and his lady-friend was played by Erin Grey.

There was also a robot in the series called Twiki who was voiced by my all-time favourite voice-actor, Mel Blanc.

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Do You Remember Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

Do You Remember Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

  • McG
    Wilma Dearin... OH WOW. Can't imagine ITV letting today's kids watch a woman with a skin tight fighter pilot suit on rum around kung-foo kicking aliens to death.
  • Anonymous user
    Recently remember going on a Battlestar Galactica fan site. One of the articles on it was about the evolution of the Viper. The original Viper was actually the Starfighter used by the Earth Defense Direcorate. Glen A Larson simply re used it when he did Buck Rogers. Just as well because I thought they were cool. Erin Gray was a bit young to be a Colonel, but definitely held my attention, for obvious reasons. As did Princess Ardala, for the same reason. Buck's alleged Kung Fu mastery was a bit dodgy, but I loved the show neverthless. It was indeed what a schoolboy wanted to see. Though I have to admit, having watched it again as an adult, I find Twiki intensely irritating. Still like Dr Theopolis though.