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What girl of the 90s didn't fancy Cory Mathews (Ben Savage)? The ones that preferred his cooler best friend Shawn (Rider Strong), that's who! I was so jealous of the gorgeous, hippy Topanga, who Cory had a huge crush on throughout his school years, when he was taught predominantly by the infamous Mr Feeney who lives next door to Cory and is always on hand to provide advice while he does some gardening.

The show followed the kids through school, then college and into the working world, detailing all the ups and downs any teen was going through at the same time.

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Do You Remember Boy Meets World?

Do You Remember Boy Meets World?

  • Anonymous user
    I used to really fancy Shawn, my friend (the only one i knew who watched it) used to really take the piss out of me for that!