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  • Sweet Valley High
    Think there was a Sweet Valley Kids aimed at younger children, then Sweet Valley Twins (when they were about 12) and Sweet Valley High (as you can guess - high school age). The TV series that was on in the 90s was based on the book. These books were really poular when i was 12/13 and even the boys were reading them (strangely)!
  • Judy Blume books
    I also loved Paula Danziger books but can't remember what any of them were called?
  • Judy Blume books
    I always remember at my middle school we had a 'green sticker' area in the library for 'more mature' readers, lol. I remember all the girls talking about Forever and so our teacher (who fancied herself as an agony aunt)had a waiting list for it, and would review if people were responsible enough to read it! Oh yes, will always remember Ralph! 'Are you there god, it's me, Margaret' was my favourite though.
  • Point Horror
    My friends and I used to love the point horror books, and i have a friend who keeps finding these little gems for us in charity shops, bless her! (Although i haven't actually read any yet.) They did used to scare the crap out of me when i was at school, I loved them!
  • Charlie Perfume
    Loved Charlie White!
  • Sylvanian Family
    I still have the country house, mansion house, treehouse, school, bakery, gypsy caravan- and probably more- tucked away in the loft for when it's actually worth something on ebay & i can sell them. But maybe i'll keep them cos they're so damn cute! I won a competition once (i think the prize was a duck family?) by creating a little village on the rockery in my garden! I say 'i' but my mum and brother contributed! It was awesome!! We put stones together to form little pathways!
  • Wuzzles
    I used to have Mooseal and my friend had Bumblelion, then an evil witch would to try to steal them from us so we had to hide in the 'safe house'! Yeah, really.

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