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BN Biscuits

The BN Biscuit (or snack), usually just BN, is a type of biscuit. It has a filling, for example chocolate, sandwiched between two biscuits; it was launched in 1997 and acquired by United Biscuits in 1998.

BNs are produced in two different shapes: circles and rounded squares. There are also four different faces which they each also have on the top side of the biscuit. There are six different flavours of the BN biscuit: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, apricot and milk chocolate. They also come in a Mini BN variety.

In the UK they have stopped being produced for unknown reasons. When BN was relaunched in September 1999, there was an advertising campaign with the name "BN BN" sung along to the tune of catchy Mah Nà Mah Nà. They are still really popular in France - well, they were made in a factory in Nantes, France, and the BN stands for Biscuiterie Nantaise.

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Do You Remember BN Biscuits?

Do You Remember BN Biscuits?

  • Lesloid0
    Not such a memory, they sell these in Asda (Oct 2014) & my kids are not fussed about them but I quite like them ;o)