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Black Sabbath

With many hits spanning from 1970 onwards, Black Sabbath is one of the biggest and longest running legends in Rock and Roll.

Even to this day they still rock us with thier own personal brand of heavy chords, insane lyrics and haunting vocals which we've all come to love.

There are far too many songs to list but some of my personal favorites include, Iron Man, War Pigs, Sweet Leaf and Changes.

Get out the ol' MP3 player and check 'em out, you won't be sorry!

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Do You Remember Black Sabbath?

Do You Remember Black Sabbath?

  • Anonymous user
    They hardly had "many hits!" - apart from 'Paranoid' in 1970 and then, at the end of the first Ozzy-era, in 1978 with 'Never Say Die'. Certainly not a 'Satanic' band as many still falsely believe. In fact, many of the lyrics are pro-Christian (just check the lyrics on the back of the 'Master of Reality' (1971) album).