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  • Raleigh Strika
    Had a silver Strika and rode it to death (well, as much as you can with a Strika). Remember it being the absolute 'perfect bike' - right weight, size, balance, looks, the lot! Also remember frequently coasting with my feet up on the bar. Sadly, also a very popular bike to steal (mine wasn't, btw, but my brother's green one was).
  • Live Aid
    A horrible, nauseating, backslapping event.
  • Black Sabbath
    They hardly had "many hits!" - apart from 'Paranoid' in 1970 and then, at the end of the first Ozzy-era, in 1978 with 'Never Say Die'. Certainly not a 'Satanic' band as many still falsely believe. In fact, many of the lyrics are pro-Christian (just check the lyrics on the back of the 'Master of Reality' (1971) album).

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