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black eye chewing gum

This was a square black shape and tasted of liquorice. When you unwrapped it, it had a joke caption on waxed paper featuring the black eye. They're been around since - 1928 Here's one of their straplines "After smoking, have a stick of black jack! The worlds most popular licorice flavoured gum!" Well - it's not so hard to be the most popular if you're the only one! They stopped making en masse it in the 1980's, and if you'd ever tasted it, you might know why! Still - if you desperately want some you can get it from the states!

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Do You Remember black eye chewing gum?

Do You Remember black eye chewing gum?

  • Anonymous user
    hahaha when we were kids we used to put it over over teeth to make it look like we had no teeth!