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  • Heel Caps (Blakeys)
    haha my mum used to put blakeys on both my brothers shoes to make their shoes last longer. when this didn't work cos they wore the toes out first, she bought them some jesus sandals and my brothers HATED them!
  • Toffos
    BRING BACK TOFFOS! l liked the miont ones best, then the mixed ones, l think they had pineapple flavour in the pack! Mind you, l probably haven't got the teeth for them nowadays!
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    OMG cheese and onion flavour were the absolute best! Bartons Bakers in the high street used to sell them, and we used to buy them then go across the road to Martins for a coke float and think we were sooo grown up!
  • black eye chewing gum
    hahaha when we were kids we used to put it over over teeth to make it look like we had no teeth!

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