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Billy Bragg

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Billy Bragg is as well remembered for his music as for the lyrics of his songs. His music was largely political and many of his songs carried a strong political message.

Billy Bragg's first album was "Life's A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy" which was released in 1984.

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Do You Remember Billy Bragg?

Do You Remember Billy Bragg?

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    OMG Billy Bragg what an absolute superby blast from the past, and it is quite wierd that I actually saw him on the tele the other day pre election, so in hindsight not such a suprise, very political but very very witty and working class, I played Lifes a Riot over and over as a Teenager and was particularly taken (as were the majority) by Between the Wars!! If I am correct he also wrote New England which was a massive hit for the late Kirsty McCall, and he also had a lot of dealings with my teenage hero Paul Weller - if you ask me the guys a genius - Paul and Billy :-o)