Billy Basher

Billy Basher was a sort of plastic inflatable punch-bag that looked like a large milk-bottle. It had the image of a boxer printed upon it. It was as tall as a little kid, so once you'd spent ages inflating it - without foot-pumps back in those days - it was pretty awesome seeing it eye-to-eye! You were also exhausted by the end of it. When you recovered, though, you could punch Billy and he would rock back and forth and fall down, but always pop back up again, as the bottom of the 'milk-bottle' was weighted with sand. The only thing was, it was made of thin plastic, a bit like your standard inflatable beach ball, and so it got burst easily at the seams. It turned out Billy wasn't as tough once you'd bashed the wind right out of him!

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Do You Remember Billy Basher?

Do You Remember Billy Basher?

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    My dad had to send at least two of them back for exchange as they had small splits at the seams which left me feeling - deflated! Billy didn't last long though,as, once it had a hole in the seam, you couldn't even repair it properly with a puncture-repair kit.