Betty Blue (1986)

Jean-Jacques Beineix is one of European cinema's best directors. His plots, sub-plots and characters weave together to create visually stunning and compelling movies. Where Hollywood generally concentrates on big budgets, famous names and the 'wow' factor (sparkles and bangs), European cinema focuses on good acting, well made story lines and comparatively 'better' character development. Betty Blue is no exception.

Also known in it?s native France as "37?2 le matin", Betty Blue is a wonderfully complex and often erotic storyline about a wannabe writer (Zorg) who forms a tempestuous relationship with the emotionally unstable and unpredictable Betty. Throughout the film, we see how Betty's depressions and rages get out of hand and how Zorg watches the woman he loves slip slowly into madness with a superbly emotional ending.

This is a fantastic and much underrated film and I urge you all to forget about buying the Matrix or one of it's clones and go and buy this DVD/Video, which has a much better story line!

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Do You Remember Betty Blue?

Do You Remember Betty Blue?

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    And Beatrice Dalle got naked !!! ;) Wasnt she also in the Mercury one to one ads with Wolfie Smith ?