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  • Commando
    Funnily enough I went out with a German girl and recited all my commando learned phrases, she was not impressed !! Gott in himmel and schnell were favourites along with donner and blitzen. Ah well I still managed to seal the deal anyway. The only other German I learned was kaninchen which is rabbit.
  • Wrestling
    "Good afternoon grapple fans and welcome to the Bradford city hall" good old Kent Walton the voice of wrestling on World of Sport every Saturday afternoon. It always seemed to come from some northern town in the old days ! Mick McManus, Big Daddy all the rest with some cracking names like Farmers boy Pete somebody or Superstar Mal Sanders. Much better than the plastic american ones now !!! ;-)
  • Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    The one film where Keanu could really play himself intellectually !! ;)
  • Batteries Not Included
    One of the best films ever made, made me cry !!!
  • Betty Blue
    And Beatrice Dalle got naked !!! ;) Wasnt she also in the Mercury one to one ads with Wolfie Smith ?
  • Casuals
    Casuals started amongst Arsenal fans trying to dress like old men in golf wear, Pringle, Lyle & Scott etc. It was an early style of showing how much money you had, basically w*nkers showing off in bad fashions, I was too poor to join in !! ;)
  • Ross Oven Crunchies
    My mate Marco used to eat pie and oven crunchies every day for lunch, I was never too keen

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