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Bernard & The Genie

My husband will be delighted if somebody out there other than him recalls a story called Bernard & The Genie, starring Alan Cummins and Lenny Henry. It was written by Richard Curtis - the man behind many great British rom-coms.

The basic storyline was about a genie punished by an evil wizard and confined to a lamp.2000 years later, Bernard is in possession of the lamp and decides to give it a dust. The genie is released and then gives Bernard unending wishes. Things start to go horribly wrong though, when Bernard decides to wish for one of the most famous paintings in the world and the police think he has stolen it...

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Do You Remember Bernard & The Genie?

Do You Remember Bernard & The Genie?

  • InGen
    I recorded 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' on an old tape one Christmas and as the VHS tape kicks in, Lenny Henry as The Genie pops up in a snippet from Bernard and the Genie and says: "... I could shag every babe from Mount Hebron to the Red Sea!" before it cuts to the beginning of ROTLA.
  • Phill
    Yup I remember this ! I recorded it at the time, think i still have it on tape somewhere?