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Bermuda Triangle

In Bermuda Triangle each player controlled a little plastic ship with a magnet on the top from one side of the board to another, port to port. This involved crossing the seas around the dreaded Bermuda Triangle. The aim of the game was to safely reach port trying to avoid a large magnetic cloud which span across the board at random. If the cloud hovered anywhere near your ship and the magnets were alined then...Whoosh! your ship disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle!

Bermuda Triangle was released by MB Games in 1976. Included in the box were sixteen shops all with magnets, there was also a cloud, a spinner, dice and several strategy cards. Whoever collected the most freight whilst at the same time avoiding the wrath of the Bermuda Triangle cloud won the game.

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Do You Remember Bermuda Triangle?

Do You Remember Bermuda Triangle?

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    OMG! I had this game! I'd forgotten all about it till I read this!