Battlestar Galactica

The toy Viper and Cylon fighters. Sure, they came with little pilots, but the cool part was the plastic orange darts they fires to represent lasers. They may have been the last ones to have that feature, which was somewhat commmon, as the darts proved to be a choking hazard and the toys ended up getting pulled. (Though I could always use a croissant for a Cylon ship in a pinch).

Released by Mattel in 1979 the Battlestar Galactica toys followed the success of Kenner's Star Wars range. The Battlestar Galactica line was first offered to Mego but they declined signing up to the deal.Things went well for Mattel whilst the TV show was on air, but according to rumours, once the series finished sales of Battlestar Galactica toys plummeted, practically overnight.

There were plenty of different toys to snap up from the Battlestar Galactica range including remote-controlled cylons to talking Daggits. However, it was the action figures (especially Commander Adama and of course, Starbuck) and vehicle line that caught the most attention;

Reports are that following the fall Battlestar Galactica toys Mattel used the figure mold of Starbuck to create their Mork figure for their Mork and Mindy range. Whether Dirk Benedict was pleased to be compared in looks to Robin Williams we'll never know.

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Do You Remember Battlestar Galactica?

Do You Remember Battlestar Galactica?