Baby Laughs A-Lot

This possibly has to be one of the freakiest dolls ever produced by Temco, or indeed any other manufacturer. Not only did the doll look scarily similar to the horror character, Chucky, with her red bunches and permanent crazed smile, but she was positioned on a chair that rocked while she laughed continuously.

I know what it feels like to be in an empty house only to hear a Furby toy go off in another room. So, this happening with Baby Laughs A-Lot would be a hundred times worse, I imagine!  The children in the advert are a little scary too.

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Do You Remember Baby Laughs A-Lot?

Do You Remember Baby Laughs A-Lot?

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    This doll is CREEPY!! Glad I never had one. If you watch her on YouTube her laugh is demonic. Sheesh, they made some strange toys in the 70s!! Toy makers were obviously told to add an element of terror to a lot of dolls produced then.