Baby Go Bye Bye

I had a Baby Go Bye Bye when I was a little girl. I LOVED her! I was a tomboy and never really played with dolls but I still have her to this day. She's a tattered mess and the car is long gone.

I lived in a 10 foot 2 bedroom trailer and we were pretty poor. Although I didn't know it at the time. We each got one present for Christmas. I got the Baby Go Bye Bye. I remember you could program the big pink car with a dial on the bottom and it would drivearound and I think it would turn a corner.

I can still see the car driving down the hall with Baby Go Bye Bye's head just a bobbin'!

The original Baby Go Bye Bye had rooted blonde hair and striking painted baby blue eyes with a cheeky open-mouthed expression complete with a few baby teeth. Her head jiggled around slightly to give the impression that she was wide awake and active. Her original outifit was a light blue two-piece dress with lace edges around the collar, arms and bottom of the skirt, and this could be opened at the back.

Originally produced by Mattel, Baby Go Bye Bye was later taken over by Kenner, although the doll was then regularly bundled with a 'carry-cot' that could be fixed onto the child's back like a back pack.

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10 June 2008

Do You Remember Baby Go Bye Bye?

Do You Remember Baby Go Bye Bye?

  • Anonymous user
    I loved my baby go bye-bye (she came in a yellow with white dots out fit)and her bumpty buggy. I also had the Dancerina Doll that wore the pink tutu. I had my dolls in Virginia in 1984 in a trailer court where I lived with my husband. He beat me up and I had to leave. I only got out with my 3 children and the clothes on our backs. He sold everything of ours or gave it away. He didn't get rid of my memories. Along with those memories I now have 9 grandchildren. I still miss my dolls. Wish I new where I could buy ones like them.
  • Anonymous user
    I still have baby go bye bye. I am trying to find a set of her original yellow romper. The ones I had have dry rotted and well I want to fix her for my 3 year old to "play with" okay maybe just look at...