Baby Born

Baby Born is still one of the most popular baby dolls around. There are a variety of different dolls but they all have one thing in common - they are all quite realistic babies.

Baby Born dolls are made by Zapf Creations and are about the same size as a new born baby. Each baby comes with a set of clothes and there are a whole load of Baby Born accessories to go with them. You could buy Baby Born along with some accessories including a Moses basket, so you could carry her around and keep her warm and a lightweight Baby Born pushchair.

The whole point of Baby Born was to encourage realistic role play of mother and child, and although she was interactive in the sense that she can close her eyes, wet her nappy and cry she didn't need batteries. The original Baby Born dolls were always girls, but she now has a little Baby Born brother.

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Do You Remember Baby Born?

Do You Remember Baby Born?

  • Anonymous user
    Me and my sister both got one of these when we were about nine or ten. Gosh was it fun! ...Until we lost them. :(