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Aztec Camera

Fronted by wonderboy Roddy Frame, Aztec Camera spearheaded the postpunk guitar revolution with jangly chords and hopelessly romantic - albeit opaque - lyrics.

My first memory of the band was the album 'Knife' which I taped from a friend. I was in my teens then and partial to melancholy and fatalism. At the time Aztec Camera managed to distill all my adolescent angst and dressed them up pretty.

In hindsight the record was produced by Mark Knopfler and it shows in its prolonged guitar solos and its meticulous attention to studio detail. Still it stands as a gleaming tower besides The Smiths' debut album as one of the twin peaks of 80's romantism.

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Do You Remember Aztec Camera?

Do You Remember Aztec Camera?

  • Anonymous user
    I was 7 and it was summer. I was at some acting school - and we were preparing for a theatre play for all the mummies and daddies (oh how sweet). There was this boy there who I had a crush on - we had fun but never had a kiss - AWWWW. Aztec Camera's "Somewhere in my Heart" tune brings back the memories of my first childhood crush - brilliant and cheesy all at the same time!! It took a number of years for me to figure out who did sing the song. But I am now a proud owner of it. Hooray.