Avon Roses, Roses

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This perfume was available in the late 70's into the 80's.

You could get it in a spray or the perfumed cream in a jar. It had a very powerful pure rose smell, old fashioned but strangely comforting!

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04 January 2011

Do You Remember Avon Roses, Roses?

Do You Remember Avon Roses, Roses?

  • Anonymous user
    I sure do remember Roses, Roses. It smelt really strong.My mum's friend was an Avon lady and we got a few free samples. They had talc and perfume with daft names like Occur! and Charisma. I had a cream perfume like a toadstool with a frog on it, filled with something called 'Her Prettyness'. Another naff name, but it did smell nice!