Asda advert (1996)

This followed the standard formula of featuring numerous lucky people who had saved money as a result of shopping at Asda patting their pockets to make the change tinkle, though the '96 version took it to the ultimate level.

The quick 'pat-pat' went through an amazing number of variations, with a huge range of different folks making the familiar quick double-beat with a wide variety of methods. The ad. was particularly notable since it featured the most gigantically pregnant woman I've ever seen- you saw a head & shoulders shot of this lady (who looked remarkably like a young Doris Day)up late at night in her kitchen stuffing cereal- the rest of her was hidden behind an array of large cereal boxes. Then she moves from behind it, winks and pats her colossal tum - 'BOOM-BOOM!' She looked like she'd eaten the kitchen table as well as all those cornflakes!!

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Do You Remember Asda advert (1996)?

Do You Remember Asda advert (1996)?

  • Anonymous user
    When did these start? With the double-pat, I mean? It must have been a good while before 1996 because Oz and co. parody them in a 1986 "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" episode when they've been shopping for beer. They hum the tune too. But I remember "Perfect" (by Fairground Attraction?) as the 1980s Asda music?
    • roachieuk