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Angels was a TV drama that wassort of a forerunner to shows like Holby City and Casualty. Each episode of the series followed the lives of the nurses or 'angels'.

Angels was mid-week viewing as I remember and it was a BBC production.

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Do You Remember Angels?

Do You Remember Angels?

  • Anonymous user
    Maybe not, but it WAS one of the first hard-hitting, pulls-no-punches medical dramas on TV. The whole point about it was that the nurses were very much NOT 'angels', the title was meant to be ironic! The series did not shy away from depicting issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence, sexual promiscuity, sloppy medical practice and so on. Kelly King was outstanding as nurse Jay Harper- and I fancied the arse of her back then, she was my absolute idol!
  • Aura
    They never used to show people having injections or graphic shots of operations then, like they do now.