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In a time of "Twilight Zone" and "Tales from the Crypt" there was a TV show produced by none other than Steven Spielberg which sought to jump into the genre fray with his own little entry... "Amazing Stories".

Originally airing in 1985, and lasting only 2 short seasons, this was a chance to tell a story every week from a different director and a different cast each time.

Sometimes it was about aliens, sometimes monsters, but you never quite knew what it was going to be about until you actually sat down to watch.

One episode, "Mirror Mirror" caught me off guard though, this one was about a guy who looked into his mirror periodically through the day, and each time he did, he saw a man behind him getting closer and closer.

Another interesting note is the amount of guest directors in the show, Danny DeVito, Clint Eastwood, Michael Moore and many others.

I think they still play it on some networks, check your local listings! :P

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Do You Remember Amazing Stories?

Do You Remember Amazing Stories?

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    Forgot to add.. it was based on the pulp magazine of the 1930s.. (How could I?)