Airfix Colditz Glider

This was produced by Airfix around the mid-70's and was a flying model of the glider that was actually built by the POW's in Colditz Castle in WWII. It was brilliant and actually flew quite well. The wingspan was about 12" and the whole thing was formed in expanded polystyrene to which you had to glue paper printed in a blue-check pattern simulating the bedsheets that the actual glider was covered in. The wings of the Colditz Glider were attached by rubber bands and there was a plasticine counterweight in the nose cone for balance. The Colditz Glider could either be launched from a long elastic cord staked into the ground or thrown, usually from the bedroom window. The box artwork was great and I saw a complete kit on eBay recently.

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Do You Remember Airfix Colditz Glider?

Do You Remember Airfix Colditz Glider?

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    I have this very glider on my shelf...will post piccie on forum