Air Jammer Road Rammer

I had an Air Jammer Road Rammer when I was nine. Made by Tomy (who also released the Air Jammer Cycle Slammer around the same time) and manufactured in Singapore and Japan in 1980, it came with a little bicycle type pump that you attached to the car and pumped the devil out of before pushing a button that released the stored air to a small plastic see-through air motor.

Pumped up to the max the Air Jammer Road Rammer would go flying across a tennis court and would keep going for a good ten seconds or so. It was pretty fast and you could aim the front wheels to go straight or in a circle. It was impossible to over pump the Air Jammer Road Rammer thanks to the safety cap on the back of the pump-up air tank, but it was worth being cautious before you let it go. If it had too much power behind it and went into a wall, you were very lucky if it didn't break into bits. Once the piston was damaged you wouldn't be able to use the toy again.

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27 May 2008

Do You Remember Air Jammer Road Rammer?

Do You Remember Air Jammer Road Rammer?

  • Anonymous user
    man this was the coolest toy ever i love it and are looking for one but havent had to much luck finding it. my older cousin had one when i was about 7 (im 22 now) and that is one toy i will never forget he actually still has it with the orginal box and everything i ask't him to sell it to me but of course he refuses to. well if anyone reads this and knows were they sell them my email adress is thank you