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Air Charter

My Grandfather used to have this game – because he worked at Boeing. He made parts for the airplanes and loved everything about the air.

I used to get infected by his own enthusiasm, he loved it and I played it when I went to visit him.

Looking back now it’s extraordinary to think that this game was ever made. Now-a-days when we can make video games, they are all adrenaline fuelled shoot-em-ups or platform games that can be so real and exciting - the idea of creating a game for children based on air freight is baffling. Imagine the new Xbox had a new game based on Shipping, or the plastics trade between India and Africa? Never going to happen!

But I loved it. It was a very simple game. Invented and released in 1970 by Waddingtons, players take on the mantle of different air-freight companies trading cargoes between northern Australia and S.E. Asia.

To move you basically roll a dice, although there are rules for air-lanes, airfield circuits, load sizes and fuel consumption which makes everything a bit more tricky.

The game actually made me interested in becoming an air traffic controller for a while! I know I was totally sucked in.

Great fun, and almost informative too!

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26 April 2011

Do You Remember Air Charter?

Do You Remember Air Charter?

  • Anonymous user
    We had this game. I loved it. It was great fun loading your little pyramids of cargo onto the back of the plane and then flying round the far east! I used to play it with my mum and dad and you flew to exciting places on a map I didn't recognise, with names like 'Tashkent' which I thought was made up but I have since realised it does exist! Our pleasures were simple then. There would have to be a power cut before my kids would drag themselves off the xbox long enough to play a board game. Shame.
    • Anonymous user
      We still have this board game and still play it! It teaches us something of our local geography and is fun and interesting to play.