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I really think that ABC were the greatest band of the 80's. Led by the gold suit wearing Martin Fry, they bounced onto the music scene in 1981 with the hit single "Tears are not Enough", closely followed by "Poison Arrow", "The Look of Love" and "All of my Heart".

In fact they were the first UK group of the eighties to have four top 20 hits from their debut album (the classic "Lexicon of Love").

Sadly ABC never really lived up to their initial promise and just drifted away. However Martin Fry can still be seen at a Pontins near you!

I didn't marry him, as I was convinced I would for about ten years, but I am still open to negotiation.

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Do You Remember ABC?

Do You Remember ABC?

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    Lead singer Martin Fry. The band was formed in 1980 and is probably most remembered for the GOLD suits!! I don''t think anyone could forget that. Seen them twice and have to say wonderful.