Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship was great fun, It was made by MB Games or Parker in 1976. You had to evacuate the sinking ship which was made of board and mounted on the sea and swivelled into sinking position below the sea. Different passengers were in different rooms on different levels (a bit like Cluedo) and you had to negotiate the levels and rooms to get to the lifeboats with throw of the dice. Great fun, but so un-politically correct today! They are so rare now that they sell for big bucks on eBay.

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Do You Remember Abandon Ship?

Do You Remember Abandon Ship?

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    These were subsequently made by Ideal under licence, with a different box design. Even at the time it caused huge controversy, and was subsequently withdrawn in about 1981 following protests that it was making light of sea disaster. I have to say that I agree, it was pretty sick- there was another game called 'Bombshell' that was pulled at the same time because it was set in the trenches of WW1 and was equally tasteless.