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  • Mark Strong
    I had this character about 1971, very rare now and never heard about it until seeing this site. Made by Mattel if I remember right from the stamp on his back push panel. Had red boxer shorts like my missus would like!! He ended up sold with my Action Men in early 80's at car boot.
  • Matchbox Motorway
    Just found one mint and unplayed with. All bits complete and springs still in plastic bags. Cars absolutely mint and uncreased boxes. Receipt for £4.40 and dated April 1971 with pounds shillings and pence breakdown and decimalisation notice on the back. sticky tags and plastic pegs all there! was amazed when I opened it up. Cars are Ford GT40 and Ford Group 6 Superfast. Paid £20!
  • Stock Car Smash Up
    Had the first issue in 1971, it had a 57 Chevy Nomad estate in blue with green doors etc and a Ford sedan in orange with purple bits. Had hours and hours of fun and wish it had survived. Seems they are sought after now and worth a bit
  • Flight Deck
    Yep also owned this one about 1975, crossed wires all over the place. Phantom survived in model box in loft,could be still there! Great advert! Real excitement, but a disaster when using it.

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