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2 Stupid Dogs

2 Stupid Dogs was a television show first aired in around 1993 on Cartoon Network. It was a story of two dogs who are discovering the world. One dog was a large grey colour with a purple nose, and the other was a skinny brown one. It's said that the large dog's name is Jonny. Also, a man occasionally appeared - always saying catchphrase "Ain't that cute.. BUT IT'S WRONG!" Many of these episodes can be found on YouTube, and are well worth the watch as they only last around 7 minutes per episode.

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Do You Remember 2 Stupid Dogs?

Do You Remember 2 Stupid Dogs?

  • Anonymous user
    One of them used to cough up a sweet corn kernel. .Even today, when we see one washed up on the beach or in the middle of the countryside somewhere, hubby and I reflect on the 2 stupid dogs!
  • UncleDrunkard
    This was class, before cartoon network went crap.