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  • Candy cigarettes
    I loved them! It was fun pretending to smoke them when I was a nipper, and when I became an adult, they didn't entice me to take up smoking either. I loved peeling the paper off as a child and eating the yummy thin stick of chocolate. Great memories. Some packs even had football stars collectors cards too.
  • 2 Stupid Dogs
    One of them used to cough up a sweet corn kernel. .Even today, when we see one washed up on the beach or in the middle of the countryside somewhere, hubby and I reflect on the 2 stupid dogs!
  • Sherbert Pips
    I certainly do. If you placed your wet, sticky fingers into the 2oz bag too many times, there always seemed to be a batch that stuck together in the corner of the white paper bag. Lovely...
  • Here Come The Double Deckers
    I still remember the theme tune! Love reading all the previous comments. Brilliant.
  • David Jason
    I hope I am not going daft, but I remember a comedy tv series with a character called Inspector Briggs. Did David Jason play that part?