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'ITV 1979 Strike'

I hope that some people remember this! In august of 1979, ITV was shut down and returned only two months later. This means that we only had BBC1 and BBC2 which weren't on for most of the day and they didn't have the same quality shows back then. ITV coming back in October was a big thing! If you look online you can find the re-opening! The lineup of that night was:

5:45 : The News

6:00 : The Muppets

6:30 : Crossroads

7:00 : George and Mildred

7:30 : Coronation Street

8:00 : 321

9:00 : Quatermass

10:00 The News

10:30 Chinatown

Followed by the national anthem and shutdown until the next day.

 Feel free to comment on this and I hope you remember this back then. If so, what did you do, watch the BBC or play on your Atari or Videopac? See ya soon!

Do You Remember 'ITV 1979 Strike'?

Do You Remember 'ITV 1979 Strike'?