The Locker Answering Machine

The Locker Answering Machine was a device made by Worlds of Wonder, which you'd stick on the inside of your locker door near the vent. I thought you were supposed to pound on the locker to start a recording, but someone in a forum says that the thing came with remote controls you'd give to your friends. There is almost no evidence that this product ever existed, despite being advertised on national TV. Only recently have just two references appeared on the Web, and those are just people asking about it in forums.

This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia!
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Do You Remember The Locker Answering Machine?

Do You Remember The Locker Answering Machine?

  • Telly on 2011-05-24 13:06:26
    I was just telling my 8yr old about this. My mom bought me one. It was purple and had 3 whistles, but you had to keep one whistle for yourself in order to listen to your messages and the other 2 you gave to friends. I wish I still had it so my daughter could see it.It was called "Express It"
  • nippys on 2010-10-06 23:49:17
    I just found mine and am scared to listen to the tape inside it!
  • booby41 on 2010-09-10 23:19:33
    where can i find one will pay top dollar
  • davey dave on 2010-08-04 12:38:22
    My brother bought me one some time between 1989 and 1991. They were actually pretty cool. I got a few messages, but the novelty wore out quickly not to mention the fact you only get a few whistles to give to select friends to use to leave messages with. The only person who never lost hers was my girl friend at the time. They were pretty cool then, but out dated by today's technology.
  • nick1 on 2010-06-09 08:21:51
    Well i have never heard about this machine. Franking Machine
  • MontanaFather on 2009-07-20 20:28:11
    I have one of these for sale if anybody wants one. Brand new still in the box! I bought it thinking it was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid. I moved to a different school and then I didnt know anybody. Just found it the other day! What a trip down memory lane!
  • farmermama on 2009-03-28 04:02:00
    I totally remember my locker message machine. I wanted one so bad for my birthday. My parents bought me one, and I stuck it to the inside of my locker. It had a stretchy cord and a little receiver that stuck to the inside door just behind the air vents. Friends could blow the disk-shaped whistle and the recorder would start. No one ever left me a message because it was really a dumb idea, but all my friends thought it was cool!
  • Samia on 2008-09-03 12:41:41
    I bought one for my son with additional e ad his friends loved it when they were in high school. I've been trying to find one for my grandson, but I guess they are no loger manufactured. I'm dissapointed because I promised my grandson I would track them down. I believe it was called The Locker Buddy back then.
  • bihgpoppah on 2008-07-28 02:04:47
    Ha! I had one of these, too. I remember seeing them a KB stores (like in that HUGE brick of tays they'd put in the front of the store) and they were selling for like $89.99 - no WAY... then a few years later they were on clearance for $9.99 (brick was nearly the same size!) so I got one. And yes, it used little whistles you gave to your friends, and I think it only came with 3. Otherwise it just used a standard cassette tape. My friends either thought it was stupid or lost the whistles, making it pretty useless. Oh the things we used to do before cell phones!
  • Anonymous on 2006-12-12 08:40:46
    Yes these existed! My cousin bought one -- actually I think we may have skipped school one day to buy it. They did indeed work by using one a remote you blew into which created a high pitched dog whistle-like sound. I remember trying to leave a message one day at her locker - felt like an idiot standing there talking to a locker! My message was probably something like, "Hey Rox, I'm at your locker...see you in between classes." This was a super practical device as our lockers were directly across from each other. She returned it a few days later and probably exchanged it for Rubik's Cube.
  • Anonymous on 2006-07-21 21:21:22
    I actually had one of these devices. They were activated by little high pitched whistles (not quite dog whistles but close). I won one as part of a school fundraiser thing. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I had it installed in my locker for a few months. I never actually got a message on it though. It was just so darned novel, but not very practical. Anyway, it did exist. Either that or something implanted it in my memories.