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Rising Damp

Leonard Rossiter starred as Rigsby, the landlord. Rigsby was prone to moaning, bigotry, and constantly fawning after Miss Jones. Along with students Alan (Richard Beckinsale) and Phillip (Don Warrington) Rigsby was ridiculed as he entertained us.

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Rising Damp Last post by darren
20 October 2012

Do You Remember Rising Damp?

Do You Remember Rising Damp?

  • Anonymous user
    cleopatra54 on 2014-11-23 15:13:53
    Another comedy Classic from my youth. Who can forget the scruffy cat, Vienna? It's such a shame Richard Beckinsale died so young, who knows what he would have achieved by now. Though his daughter, Kate is doing quite well for herself. (See: Van Helsing).
  • Anonymous user
    thebhoywonder on 2010-04-12 10:47:34
    good show.....