Bengal Matches

These where akin to Sparklers but they where classified as matches not fireworks, because they where self-igniting and could not be stored with fireworks for this reason. Bengal matches looked like normal matches, but where slightly larger, stronger and chunkier. The match head was much larger than a normal one
and when ignited it burnt bright (like a Storm Match) green or red (caused by the strontium or barium contained) for about 15 seconds, before turning into a normal flame.

Bengal matches came in a pack of around 10 and retailed for the same price as a small pack of sparklers. You could buy Bengal Matches in the 70s and early-80s in newsagents but then, for some reason, perhaps health and safety, they disappeared from the shelves and where never seen again.

Do You Remember Bengal Matches?

Do You Remember Bengal Matches?

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