ALF Soft Toy

Following the success of the ALF TV series, the ALF soft toy was created. The soft toy of ALF was a slightly more attractive and cuddly version of what was in actual fact quite an ugly Alien Life Form. The original ALF plush toy was released in 1986 by Coleco Industries, Inc (who also mass-produced the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls) and measured around 18-inches tall, although there was also a rare, larger toy available. With Storytelling Alf the stories and songs changed depending on the cassette you inserted. Separate cassettes were available if you ever got bored of the stories, which was more than likely.

The ALF toy could be turned on by a button at the base of the toy, where you could also adjust the volume. Once ALF started talking his eyebrows, ears and mouth would move in sync with the tape to make it look like he was really talking.

The ALF plush toy was in high demand when it was first released, and as it was around Christmas time a lot of kids were disappointed as they went out of stock very quickly.

Do You Remember ALF Soft Toy?

Do You Remember ALF Soft Toy?

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