Dixon of Dock Green

I saw Dixon Of Dock Green from the very first programme to the last. It started in the late fifties, and was in black and white. My favourite actor, Peter Byrne played the role of Andy Crawford, who later became George Dixon's son-in-law on marrying Mary. Jack warner, who played George Dixon was a old fashioned officer. It's a shame we don't get repeats of this great programme.



great programmes this and Z cars

andybaptist14-Apr-2013, 01:21:13 PM

I also remember Dixon of Dock Green in the '60s. It's a pity the police are not like this now!

Suki16-Jan-2011, 12:06:00 AM

It used to be on saturdays and I can remember the end when he (dixon of dock green) used to say evening all under a lamp
DYR03-Oct-2006, 04:34:28 PM

To young to remember this one but my Dad watched and loved it.
claire woods13-Apr-2006, 10:10:11 AM

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