Dear John

Seem to remember this being on quite late and it being a very adult comedy for me to be watching in my very early teens.

Centred around a group of no-hopers who meet up for counselling after all being dumped by their partners. What kept my attention was the "ice maiden" played by Belinda Lang......very "yummy mummy" for a thirteen year old!

Bryan Anderson


The late Ralph Bates played John in the UK version, looked a bit of a Roy Cropper ! Didn't take off as well in the US.
Aidan, supreme Weeble of the Garfield avatar04-Dec-2006, 02:44:45 PM

I recently bought this on DVD from ebay and it really is just as funny as I remember! Such a shame that the actor who played John died so young.....if you get a chance to watch this series again, do - it's well worth it.
Smee_197203-Dec-2006, 09:48:10 PM

This was one of the funniest comedies I have seen. John was just about the nicest man in the world and was happy..that was until his wife ran off with his best mate who just happened to be captain of the rugby team. She, of course, later moved in to his house and he was stuck in a dingy bedsit. He joined a club for divorced and separated people calle the 1-2-1 club. There were some mighty unusual people there. These included a man called Kirk with a fake tan on his chest wearing a huge medallion. Did I mention he was also a spy - very inconspicuous. There was the worlds most dull man, who later started a mobile disco - Dazzling Darren Dring. He married a RUssian woman who came over for love but ran away during the wedding reception. Need I go on. If you ever get the chance to watch this, it is brilliant.
DYR09-Mar-2005, 10:13:19 AM

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